When Kim Kardashian posts a selfie, it’s generally an occasion for the world to stop turning. But when Kimmy K snaps a selfie of herself with the woman her husband was just in a Twitter feud with…well, we assume the heads of states are gathering their inner circles to discuss it as we speak. 

Fresh off Amber Rose’s involvement in Kanye and Wiz Khalifa’s Twitter feud (that’s a deep dive for your own time, but in summary: West tried to drag his ex-girlfriend into things, she shut it DOWN), Kim shared this selfie on Insta, with the caption: “Tea anybody?”

This was followed by Amber Rose sharing the same selfie on her account, captioning it “Swingers”. 

To which we can only react: ????? !! ????

Who knows what any of this means, but we’re hoping it has a lot to do with just rising above, you know?


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