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The streets of Toronto come alive with stylish celebrities during the week-long Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). From Hollywood and around the world, the best names in movies float around Toronto for all to see — and stare at!

Of course, the best part of star-gazing is critiquing the latest celebrity styles. Kerry Nixon, celebrity stylist, consultant for TIFF and Sunsilk hair care expert, shares his opinion of this year’s star celebrity ‘dos:

Jennifer Lopez has a carefree elegance about her look this year, and when in doubt covers it up. (What was that on her head?) May be time to change it up a bit — could her hair be losing its glow?

Fall fashion: What you want and where to get it, courtesy of ELLE Canada.

Image: Jennifer Lopez at TIFF, 2006. Courtesy of Harbinger Communications
Sandra Bullock — who does a fringe like that girl, love the chin-length, neo-romantic ’20s feel to the look now. Yeah, girl, keep the movement, the straight thing’s over.

Maggie Gyllenhaal’s layered bob — soft, sexy waves can be cute — love it! The old Hollywood Glam.

Kate Winslet’s over-the-shoulder soft curls are glamorous and sophisticated in a subtle way — thanks for leaving the flatiron at home.

Reese Witherspoon is cutely sexy when it’s down, demure when it’s up, but maybe up a bit much, just want to squeeze her cheeks.

Penelope Cruz — she may need a little
anti-poof from Sunsilk and a big stick to make that hair more her size, but who could argue with that face.

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Kerry Nixon continues to work as a freelance stylist, consultant, and Sunsilk hair-care expert.

Images courtesy of Harbinger Communications