Guys, we’re in week 5 of Ben’s season of The Bachelor! Here’s what Jubes, all the Laurens and Olivia’s breath got up to this episode:

“I think Mexico City is going to be a really good place to fall in love”

Ben, Ben, Ben, you said that about Vegas too – remember? Lest we forget the awkward afternoon helicopter ride over the strip. The terrible talent show. And that the rose ceremony took place at an outdoor bar I think was called “Liquid”?

Ben sneaks into the girls’ room while they are sleeping

And gasp, they have no makeup on! I can’t imagine my future husband ever seeing me without my makeup, said no woman ever. But, wait, Mr. Nice Guy manages to make the moment more awwwww than ewwww. “I sleep with a retainer too,” he tells Lauren H. And later: “Without hair, without makeup they look better than I’ve ever seen them.” Sigh.

“It’s amazing”
The view was amazing. The day was amazing. Ben’s amazing. Amanda used the adjective five times in a 30-second stretch during her AMAZING hot air balloon date. Next time please pack a thesaurus in your clutch. (But, hey, we really loved how you two opened up to each other.)

Cooking up love
Romance cliché alert on the restaurant group date! Olivia feeds Ben. Ben feeds Jubilee. Caila feeds Ben, etc. etc. Also, a big thumb’s down to the restaurateurs’ explaining the old adage (?!) that “when you know how to cook you’re ready to get married?” So did not get that message.

“They save the best for last”
Oh, dear, sweet disillusioned Olivia. Queen of clichés and awkwardness. “Ben gives me everything I need.” “Reporting live from Mexico City, I am falling for Ben.” Sigh. But wait, Ben gave her a rose?? And will he take it away now?

Final thought: Kudos to Jubilee for opening up about how WEIRD it is to date a guy who is dating 10 other girls.


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