Well, hello there Your Royal Scruffiness! Although September 15 is his birthday, Prince Harry gave the world a gift instead, in the form of some seriously dashing new facial hair. Pairs nicely with that flight suit, H. 

At an airshow commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, Harry casually debuted a new look ushering in his 32nd year with a level of beard not seen on a royal for at least a century. 

First, a close up:


The Harry watching community (me and the Greek salad I’m eating as I write this) is full of rumours about why this beard, and why now. He is just back from volunteering in Africa, so this may be one of those post-trip "I’m sad to be back so I won’t shave the beard I grew while I was away" things. Could it be a rare bow to trendiness? Or maybe he’s just too busy being cute with adorable animals to shave these days. 

Either way, we’ll be watching these facial hair developments keenly. There are some epic beards in the family (looking at you Edwardian monarchs) so this could grow into quite something. 


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