Once upon a time (yesterday), a little boy and his fairy princess mother went on a grand adventure together. They left the prince’s castle, and travelled many, many miles (a short journey in a well-guarded Land Rover) to a fantastical land full of amazing creatures the likes of which the little boy had never seen before. 

The little boy had so many questions for his mother, as they walked around this location allegedly known as “a musuem”. 

“Is that a dinosaur?!

“Why didn’t we have to pay and everybody else did? Is that because Granny owns it?”

“Are there any ladybugs here? Also, can you stop telling everyone how much I love lady bugs? It’s embarassing.”

“Is there a part in this science musuem that explains how I ended up with such fabulous flaxen locks? Because my hair looks really good today.”

“Are those Zara pants, mummy?”

“Let’s never tell anyone what brand this sweater is, please? It’s so comfy but it keeps selling out and I really wanted it in red.”

The boy and his mother, who patiently answered all of his questions with care and gentleness because she is, after all, a perfect human being, wandered around for as long as they desired (not too long because lots of people were taking pictures on their iPhone and that was awkward because then Charlotte would find out on Insta that they went to the museum without her.)

Then they went home, because mommy had to get ready for a ball, and then everyone lived happily ever after. THE END.


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