It’s been a strange year in Celebrity Love Land (exhibit A: all the break ups), so when reports began to circulate that Nick Jonas and Kate Hudson were maybe an item, it felt unsurprising, in a Mercury’s in retrograde so sure why not kind of way. 

For those not familiar with the pair’s relationship history, here’s a brief recap: The two are definitely “hanging out”, specifically in Florida this past weekend, where they hit up Disney and brunched the next day. 

But when asked directly by a radio host if he and Hudson were “dating”, Nick gave the kind of non-commital response many a politician would be jealous of.

“I keep some things to myself. It’s a strange place where a little thing can turn into a lot, but it’s about how much of that you kind of want in your world and just living your life and knowing that people will have their opinion.”

Not a denial, right?


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