‘Let me do the worrying’: Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign ad is a tear-jerker

Feb 19 2016 by
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Pulling out all the stops before the Nevada caucus this weekend.

Most political ads are designed to move you to some sort of emotion—generally rage, fear, panic about having that other guy with his hand on The Big Red Button—but its a little unusual when a ‘this is approved by’ message makes you a little misty eyed on a Friday morning.

In a new ad released by Democratic nominee hopeful Hillary Clinton ahead of this weekend’s Nevada caucus, she’s seen having what looked like a genuinely sincere moment with a frightened little girl whose parents, because they are illegal immigrants, have just received a letter saying they’re going to be deported from the USA. 

No matter where you fall on the politics of it all, it’s a real tear jerker…although on the other hand, it is a ‘paid political message’ so we’d love to hear—did you feel moved, manipulated, or maybe a bit of both?




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