When Keltie Knight, fellow Canadian and correspondent for the TV show The Insider, reached out to let us know she would be wearing a Canadian designer on the Academy Awards red carpet, we knew we had to get the inside scoop. Knight, who is now based in Los Angeles but grew up in Edmonton, chose a striking red creation from Lucian Matis, whom she says she Instagram stalked when she spotted the dress online. Why go Canadian? And why this gown? "The Grammys are playful and for taking risks," Knight explained. "The Oscars are meant to be classic, strong and bright. The Oscar gown has to be the cherry on top of award season. Plus, I never wear black on the red carpet; an old boss once told me ‘if you aren't wearing a Skittle colour no one will notice you.'" And there you have it. A red carpet strategy revealed.

Now let's go behind the scenes with Knight, who walked the red carpet with the celebs and who spent some time with them at the after-party. Here are 5 things you didn't see unless you, too, were taking selfies with the A-listers.

1. "The sheer amount of people taking up one city block in Hollywood. I actually live about 3 blocks from Hollywood Blvd in Los Angeles, and so many streets were shut down that I had to walk to the hotel on site to get ready. We started hair and makeup around 10 am, and by 1 pm were heading down to the big event! The thing people don't know about the Oscars is that it is organized chaos. Between the stars, their publicity teams, the press, the live show trucks, the handlers and the security it's almost impossible to even move on the carpet."

2. "Hollywood is obsessed with John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. John wasn't even nominated this year, and the waves of Hollywood parted when this couple arrived. They truly are the kindest, most authentic people I've ever encountered in show business, and every time John reached out to touch Chrissy's belly the whole red carpet uttered a collective ‘ahhh.' She told us she had to be sewn into her dress because her belly has been growing so quickly!"

3. Jennifer Lawrence was tardy to the party! She arrived at 5:29 pm just as the carpet was closing and the show was starting, quickly did photos and then breezed by all the press while yelling sweeping apologies. Keltie-Knight-red-carpet-V2.jpg

4. Kate Bosworth's hubby helped with Last minute fixes at the afterparty to make sure she was picture-ready. Stars are just like us!

5. "Whoopi arrived to the after party in leggings and sneakers after wowing on the red carpet earlier. She told me she changed because she had been in spanx for too long and felt ‘over spanx'd'" Keltie-Knight-red-carpet-V3.jpg

6. At the end of the night I couldn't find my car, and I had to have a member of the police swat team walk me down the street to protect all my diamonds! Thanks officer Perez!

Check out Keltie Knight on the CBS show The Insider.

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