Baby-proofed by nature

Jun 25 2010 by
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Now moms can affordably go all-natural.

By Phoenix Tarampi, Photographs courtesy of Johnson’s Natural Baby
In the sticky-damp heat of a June morning in Toronto, Johnson’s Naturals gathered at
True Restaurant – where organic food is the name of the game – to announce the launch of their new
Jonhson’s Natural baby line, which will be available in late July. This is the first natural line of baby products that is both affordable (price range from $4.96 to $8.69) and accessible. According to Johnson’s research, 30 per cent of new moms are what we call “natural moms,” who do what they can to go the extra mile for organic, healthy baby care items. However, since some products are so expensive, only about 3 per cent of these moms can actually afford that lifestyle. And since we’re not all

Nicole Richie, Johnson’s is filling that gap.
Bottles of the new baby wash, shampoo, and lotion adorned tables around the restaurant while Johnson’s research and development expert Deanna Vogelsong outlined just how fabulous it is to have a 98 per cent biodegradable, hypoallergenic line of baby care that is affordable for all mothers. “It gives them a chance to get into the natural-mom category without spending too much money,” said Vogelsong. Always keeping baby’s future in mind, Johnson’s has packaged the products in recyclable bottles that are made from up to 60 per cent post-consumer recycled plastic. They have noticeably, but not creatively, chosen the creamy-beige and olive green colour scheme that has become the trademark of biodegradable items.
The gentle lotion is perfect for grown-ups, too! The products themselves are gentle, understated, and feel good, which is to be expected of one of Canada’s leading baby brands. The lotion instantly softens and moisturizes, and if my hands felt supple and fresh right away, imagine what it could do for an infant. Some of the Johnson’s reps agreed that they keep the lotion on their desk because they love it so much. While so many chemically made products on the shelves are trying to keep us looking younger, doesn’t it make sense to take care of our skin while we are still youthful? Beautiful adult skin should start with healthy baby skin.

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