Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are on a break

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If you hear low creaking in the far distance, pay it no mind: It’s just our faith in humanity, reduced to near breaking point by multiple reports alleging the one thing we always never believed could happen: Andrew Garfield and
Emma Stone
might not be together anymore guys.

People magazine (alas, a fairly reputable source in these matters) has intel from a "source" who confirmed the rumours that have been circulating recently: After three years of dating / charming us all with their love / singlehandedly holding down the notion you can be in Hollywood and still have a nice relationship, Garfield and Stone are taking some time apart…mostly because they’ve been spending so much time apart (him with working on a Scorcese film in Taiwan, her with wrapping a movie with Bradley Cooper). Got a moment for one more knife plunge into your heart? At this very time last year, those two lovebirds were seriously discussing marriage. Ugh, that would have been such a good wedding too.
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