finalmorningmustreadKids, your friendly neighbourhood designer Tom Ford has a message for you from his Fall 2014 collection: don’t do drugs (more specifically, Molly). Wear beautiful clothes instead.
[] Pharrell Williams, on finding his fountain of youth and not being a vampire: "I’m willing to go on record as saying that I don’t drink people’s blood. How do I stay so young-looking for a 40-year-old? I wash my face." Done.
[Time Out London] Guys, it’s (probably) happening: Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez are a thing.
[] Making her triumphant red carpet return this awards season, Anne Hathaway has been added to the list of presenters at this year’s Oscars, alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Daniel Day-Lewis.
[Indiewire] Our favourite Spring 2014 ad campaigns (hi, Rihanna, Lupita!).