korres body butter fig I can honestly say that I haven’t had
dry skin yet this winter. I know that sounds crazy, but I cross my beauty heart and swear on my fave blush. That’s not because our winter has been so warm and amazing (hello, Polar Vortex and ridiculously low temperatures like -40). It’s all because I found a
body butter that actually works at keeping my skin soft, smooth and healthy — Korres body butters ($13 at
sephora.com). Normally I would find body butters to be too heavy, thick and they usually feel like they are leaving a layer on my skin rather than soaking in. But given the fact that this is one of the harshest winters on record (I’m making myself feel better about it by reminding myself that when I make the trek to the south pole, I’ll be better prepared thanks to this season), my skin has been s
oaking up all the moisture from this body butter like I’ve left it in the desert for a few month and it’s completely parched. Here are some of the goodies inside the cream: shea butter, quince extract, sunflower, almond and avocado oils, and a yummy fig scent. Have you found your best winter body butter or cream?
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