Winter hair 101

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I don’t know about you, but winter is making me have one too many bad hair days for me to be ok with. There’s way too much static, my
colour is looking a tad dull and my ends? Even though I had a cut recently, they feel dry and damaged already (probably from being tangled in my scarf everyday). Insert a sad face here. If you’re suffering form the same bad hair woes, our round ups of the best products and winter hair secrets will definitely be your new BFFs.
Lazy girl’s guide to winter hair care: 5 hairstyles to try Hair care for your locks—plus the perfect winter hairstyles—for the cold-weather months.

Healthy hair: 5 ways to get the best winter hair ever Who knew your hair could look this good all winter long? Our top tips for making the most out of winter hair.
Hair products: The 10 best winter fixes Winter weather wrecking havoc on your hair? Fight back with our all-star arsenal of winter-proof hair products.
The 8 best winter hair care products Wind, the cold and snow won’t faze us. It’s nothing but good hair days ahead this winter with these amazing hair care products.

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