Winter beauty and skin care tips

Jan 24 2008 by
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Dry skin and chapped lips are just two things we have to worry about with a Canadian winter. Check out some of ELLE Canada's winter beauty and skin care tips to help you look and feel fresh all winter long!

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Check out how to stay looking fresh this winter with some of ELLE’s favourite winter beauty products.

Beautiful skin now

Looking for more than just a pretty face? Make simple adjustments in your beauty care routine to get the most out of your skin.

How do you fight painfully chapped lips in the winter?

Chapped lips are one of the biggest beauty pains about the cold winter season. But Melissa Gibson, makeup artists for M.A.C cosmetics, has some tips!

What lies beneath your skin?

Exfoliate your way to gorgeous, healthy skin.

Beauty news: The secret to eternal youth?

Can Estée Lauder’s new anti-aging cream stop the hands of time?

How do you hydrate dry, irritated skin?

Find out how to combat dry skin.

20 winter revival tips

Forget the pressure of new year resolutions. It’s time to stop planning and start relaxing!

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