Try a trend: How to create (or fake) the perfect eyebrow

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You too can embrace your inner Cara.

Maybe you missed all the brow-focused beauty looks that have been happening on the runway for the past, like, 900 seasons. That’s fine. No one expects you to be an Insta follower for every trend you see. (Glitter lip tattoos, RIP.) But brows are a thing, and here’s why: When they’re well groomed and filled in, they complete any makeup look and give definition to the eyes and face even if you aren’t wearing makeup. Here’s what you need to succeed:

APPLICATION Start by brushing your brows up, says Lori Taylor Davis, global pro lead artist for Smashbox Cosmetics. Then “apply light layers and build colour by applying the product forward and backwards, which gives the brow a different texture and helps it to look natural, not coated or masky. Brush them up again and you’re good!”

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KEEP IT REAL Looking to fill in sparse brows? Seek out a cream-textured product instead of a powder-based one, which often leaves things looking a little too defined or painted on. Cream- or wax-textured products also help to boost volume because they build up on the hair, not on the skin underneath.

GET SHADY The colour you need is lighter than you think: Go a shade or two lighter than your natural hair colour to avoid Bert brows. Another way to keep it natural is to blend the product according to the natural fill of your eyebrow. Most brows are lighter at their start, get denser in the middle and then taper off lighter at the end.

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STREAMLINE  “The closer you bring your brows together, the slimmer that area is going to look,” says Jared Bailey, global brow authority for Benefit Cosmetics. “If you want a slender-looking nose, bring those points a bit closer together.” Do the same if you want to bring wider-set eyes closer together.

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