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‘Tis the
season for the smoky eye (it’s my holiday party go-to every year), but I’m always looking for a way to do it faster, and still look amazing. I chatted with Sephora PRO Lead, Adi Lando, for the easiest tips on getting that
smoky eye done in a flash. “A smoky eye can be done in different colors and intensity, but a natural soft grey smoky eye will suit most eyes and looks great for the office,” says Lando. Here’s how she gets the look in 3 steps.
The essentials: “You’ll need two eye shadows, one in a lighter colour and one in medium color, a black or dark grey eyeliner pencil, and an eyelash curler and mascara,” advises Lando. Plus the
best brushes for the job. Lando’s faves: Sephora Collection Pro Smudge Brush #11 ($22, at and Pro Blending Brush #27 ($24, at
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Step 1 “Always start with a lighter eye shadow, like a very light grey or champagne colour, and with a blending brush apply the light color all over the lid of the eye into the crease. A palette like the Dior 5 Colour Palette in Grege ($61.00, at has a mix of eyeshadow shades that are perfect to achieve more natural look and a more intense look.”
Step 2 “Next you want to use a medium grey shadow and with a blending brush and start from the eye socket blend the colour back and forth in the crease. Take the same shadow and put it in the bottom lash line and blend the colour.”
Step 3 “The final step is to use a liner pencil in a dark grey or black and line the lash line. With a smudge brush blend the liner until it looks softer. To finish the eye use an eyelash curler (it’s like a push up bra for your lashes!) and then apply black mascara to finish the look.” Pump it up for that holiday office party by “adding a shade darker shadow the crease and rim the water line with a black pencil,” says Lando. Then apply an
extra sweep or two of mascara, of course, and you’ll be set to jingle the night away.
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