Quickly: what’s your biggest Pinterest pet peeve? Misspelled inspirational quotes? Painted fingernails holding corresponding
nail polish bottles? Mine is the
hair trend that won’t die: ombré (the ‘ay’ makes it chic okay!) Every time I hit "Popular" on Pinterest I find no shortage of gradient
hair looks. It’s not that I don’t ever enjoy some pretty ombré locks – I’m just very ready for the new major
hair inspiration. Ombré used to be the go-to fashion-girl signifier: carefully blended, natural-looking, with tips slightly lighter than roots.

Excuse me ma’am, your roots are showing.

The problem with this trend is that the longer it lasts, the easier it gets to adopt – it’s just a matter of missing your regular highlight appointment a couple of times. I’m all for simple,
natural beauty, but I’m also pretty root-obsessed. Now everyone has roots and we’re calling it a trend. I’m hoping that the diminishing number of light-tipped
celebrities forecasts an overall change in the hair colour world. Major ombré proponents like Drew Barrymore and Jessica Biel have abandoned the look in favour of less two-toned colours. So, Pinteresters! Can we stop with the constant re-pinning of ombré hair? An accent on an e does not guarantee that people won’t look at your long-exposed roots and call out LAZY.
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