white_nails_spring2015The graphic, stark white nails at the Kate Spade Spring 2015 show

 Will probably be white. I mean, I’m reaching here (or maybe I’m willing it to come true out of personal obsession), since I’ve only done three shows since touching down in NYC for
New York Fashion Week. But when I caught up with high-profile
nail artist Deborah Lippmann today, she confirmed my suspicion. "I’m seeing a trend in white, especially different versions of white. Whether it’s white, opalescent or sheer," she said, while shaping cuticles in flawless half moons, orange stick in hand. When she was painting the nails for Kate Spade (above) she was removing white polish from models’ nails who had arrived from a previous show. She also painted a variation of white—Lancome’s Beige Romance—at Jason Wu a few hours later. Three hours, three versions of white nails? There’s something happening, for sure.
So I asked Lippmann, what’s so covetable about white? You won’t believe her response…