When it comes to skin aging, there are two options: Wait around until the effects of time catch up to you, or invest in a daily treatment plan that can slow the visible signs in their tracks. If you’ve opted for the latter solution, it’s important to “look for a skincare routine complete with powerful ingredients that can penetrate the skin and help compensate for the loss of collagen and hyaluronic acid,” says Dr. Sonya Abdulla, a dermatologist and skincare expert.

Vichy’s new LiftActiv Specialist range, a complete anti-aging system brimming with the most powerful natural-origin actives, was formulated to do just that. Inspired by aesthetic medicine and non-invasive procedures, these treatments aim to not just make a temporary surface fix but actually encourage our skin’s natural ability to produce youthful cellular properties. That’s why with daily application of the LiftActiv Collagen Specialist Cream, created with two skin-lifting peptides, which contribute to a total concentration of 38 percent active ingredients, users saw a significant decrease in wrinkles after two months.

For more of a skin pick-me-up, turn to the Hyalu Mask, which is charged with 1 percent pure hyaluronic acid, the highest concentration incorporated into a mask. When used three times a week as a recovery treatment for those tiring, skin-stressing days, it corrects the look of a dull, drawn complexion with near-instant hydration and restores firmness after only five minutes.

The one-two punch that the combination of the LiftActiv Collagen Specialist Day Cream and the Hyalu Mask packs means that you’re covering all your skin-saving needs. “Anti-aging peptides help stimulate collagen production, and hyaluronic acid replenishes the skin’s natural hydration supply and reduces inflammation,” says Abdulla. And, as with all Vichy products, both the Collagen Specialist Cream and Hyalu Mask are hypoallergenic, paraben-free, formulated for sensitive skin and tested under dermatological control, so you know you’re doing right by your skin with every use.


The Liftactiv Specialist Line

Formulated to stimulate skin’s natural anti-aging mechanisms and correct the visible signs of aging with powerful, natural-origin actives.

Collagen Specialist Day Cream

Packed with collagen-stimulating peptides and complexion-brightening vitamin C, this luxurious day cream lifts and firms skin and evens skin tone.


Hyalu Mask

With 1 percent pure hyaluronic acid present in this five-minute, three-times-weekly mask, expect plumper, more hydrated skin and a reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Learn more about Vichy’s LiftActiv Specialist range and its youth-boosting effects here.