While much of the beauty industry is focused on creating a constantly evolving sensorial wonderland of new decadent textures, colours and scents (glitter eyeshadows! Chrome lipsticks! Metallic hair dye!), body wash has seemingly been left out of the conversation. As a product with such a utilitarian purpose—to clean—it’s understandable. But it’s also a category ripe for innovation. Hence my excitement when a new wave of body “foams” came to market this fall, changing the notion that a body wash can’t be downright fun. 

Take the delightfully named Olay Foaming Whip Body Wash, which comes in three elevated scents (I’m partial to the birch water and lavender). Texture wise, its foam is more mousse-like than shaving cream-esque. Shake the can like you would whipped cream, and it disposes a light, easily spreadable foam. It’s an oddly satisfying experience to use. 

Foams are also a big seller at Laline, a new-to-Canada Israeli chain of bath, body and skincare products, where they not only have body washes in foam textures, but body lotions as well. And last year, Dove launched a frothy, foaming wash that promised not to strip skin of moisture. 

While using a whipped body wash is, in my experience, a simple pleasure, it still retains elements of practicality; I’ve used it in lieu of shaving cream when the need arises.