I was lucky enough to have my talented makeup-artist friend agree to do my makeup for my wedding (her brushes have touched the faces of models Karlie Kloss and Coco Rocha). But before she gave me the final green light, I had to promise to start working on my skin immediately. Her exact words: “It doesn’t matter how good the makeup artist is, they need to have a good base to work off of.” This was the best advice I could have received since I am not a big makeup-wearer normally, and the look I was going for on my wedding day was radiant, dewy skin. And believe me, the final look could not have been achieved with just layers of makeup and a talented hand. Here are the three facials I got to achieve my ideal wedding beauty look. 



Treatment: Spectra Carbon Laser Peel & Facial Treatment at Clarity Medspa & Laser 

What to expect: The application of the carbon lotion almost feels like warm wax is being poured onto your face. It doesn’t hurt, but it’s a unique feeling to note if you haven’t done this procedure before. The carbon is then lasered off; when going over some of the darker spots on my face, the sensation felt like a strong rubber-band snap.

Results: I left the treatment with some redness, but 24 hours later, I had incredibly clear and bright skin. Old acne scars looked faded and my pores appeared smaller. I diligently re-applied sunscreen, since I was more prone to sunburns post-treatment. 



Treatment: C3L Elevated Treatment at Consonant Skincare

What to expect: A nine step, high-tech-yet-relaxing facial that focuses on skin concerns like dehydration, elasticity and evening out the complexion. There are no jarring sensations—no heat is applied to the face (which can lead to inflammation). Instead, a cold laser, microdermabrasion, oxygen and LED light therapy are used. All products used during the treatment are from Consonant, so they’re 100% natural. 

Results: Immediately, my skin was glowing, incredibly hydrated and looked visibly less bloated. But the magic happened 2 days later when I noticed how toned my jawline was. (Thanks, ultrasound technology!) I’m almost ready for my close up. 



Treatment: Oxygen Facial at Clarity Medspa & Laser

What to expect: It’s generally not recommended to do any sort of facial treatments the day or two prior to your wedding in case of disaster. However, if you are going to do one, an oxygen facial is your best bet because of the immediate results and the lack of physical or chemical exfoliation during the treatment. A vitamin- mineral- and nutrient-rich cold oxygen mist is applied on your face, neck and chest, plumping up skin. The whole process lasts about 30 minutes.

Results: The ultimate wedding makeup primer. My skin was glowing. 




The one and only time my complexion will ever resemble my nieces #lasers?

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