Everyone’s favourite New Yorker is championing a cause we can all get behind: optimism. In partnership with RoC Skincare, Sarah Jessica Parker is the new voice of The RoC Look Forward Project campaign, here to help shine light on issues of age anxiety and create meaningful conversations about how society treats women getting older, as well as the clinically-proven power of having an optimistic outlook.

According to data conducted by RoC in conjunction with Dr. Daisy Robinton, Ph.D, Human Biology and Translational Medicine at Harvard University—and who’s renowned for her research in aging and her work to improve women’s health and well-being—they discovered that a whopping 90 percent of women feel anxious about aging, and that the number one driver of these anxieties is appearance-related. They also discovered that 60 percent of women are more concerned about looking old than having enough money saved for retirement, and that 93 percent of women expressed interest in learning activities, exercises, or tools that can help them live a more optimistic life. It was after gathering this information that RoC made the decision to adopt a new brand purpose aimed at helping women feel more optimistic about their futures—The Look Forward Project—with who better than SJP.

“I was excited about how RoC wanted to talk about aging, and that there would be no apologies,” says Parker. “There wasn’t this sense that this is a mask, this is going to cover up the truth. I’m somebody who hasn’t given aging a lot of time and thought and energy. What’s the point? Like how far can you go and where does it end? Trying to suspend time doesn’t seem deserving. And for most people in the world, those kinds of choices are not options. So why don’t we talk about all the other things that time brings that is sincerely meaningful. Like in a crisis, what are you looking for in a friend, a partner, a wife, a daughter? What matters when you want to share good news or bad, or when you need help or advice, or support? It doesn’t matter if ‘oh that person looks their age’ or not.”

RoC Skincare

Parker wants women to change the conversation about growing older, and instead of focusing on the negative aspects, look at the positive ones. By doing that, by being positive, not only will we be kinder to ourselves and teach others to be kinder, we’ll truly feel better, period.

“It’s the idea that we can remind each other that there is virtue in time spent,” says Parker.  “And yeah, there’s things that we can do that will make us feel better when we walk out the door. Will we look like our neighbour, our friend, some of the other mother’s at pickup, our professional colleagues, the model, the influencer? Likely not, but maybe that shouldn’t be our goal.”

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