Walk past any beauty editor’s desk and you’ll see a rotating stockpile of products, with one legacy standout: the famed Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water. All skin types and grievances can benefit from a misting of this vitamin-filled dew that is sourced from the Massif Central volcanoes in Southern France. When pollution, ultraviolet rays and stress tax and age skin, this thermal water steps in to do damage control like a publicist handling an outspoken celeb.

“Vichy water stimulates cell production and the epidermal structure of skin,” says Pascale Mora, scientific communications director for Vichy International. Though the packaging recently underwent its second mini-tweak, the ingredients remain as true as our love for Chris Pratt. After a generous spritz, layer skin with Vichy Aqualia Thermal Mineral Water Gel ($39.95), which is also boosted with moisture-attracting hyaluronic acid.


Surprising ways to use a face mist during the holidays:

1. Refresh your makeup post-work and pre-Christmas cocktails. Spritz face, blot with tissue, go.

2. After a night out breaking in your Sophia Websters, blast your elevated feet with a chilled mist (store in your fridge during the day) while you catch Kimmel.

3. Aim the nozzle along your cheekbones and down your nose for a gleamy, non-greasy glow.


Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water ($13), and Vichy Aqualia Thermal Mineral Water Gel ($39.95), at vichy.ca.