Glossy yet comfy, I'm obsessed with this new lipstick from MAC. The lipstick world has been turned on its head over the past few years. Glosses come in tack-free form, lipsticks can be moisturizing without dripping down your face and the new category, which we’ll call lip hybrids for lack of more substantial term, straddle the categories of both and everyone is friends. The latest iteration of said sect of the beauty world is
M.A.C Huggable Lipcolour ($24, You get gloss, insane colour payoff and remarkable staying power. And yet…this is likely the most appropriately named hybrid perhaps ever because I swear, you WILL feel like your lips are being hugged. You will! Don’t laugh. Just try. It’s nice! And colour wise, the 12-shade range is impressive, with Feeling Amourous? (a blackened berry) is my personal favourite.
M.A.C Huggable Lipcolour hit store shelves on January 2nd, 2014; run, don’t walk to stock up now.