With everyone from chemists to supermodels (Josie Maran’s argan oil-enriched cosmetics line comes to mind) developing
natural beauty products, updating to a chic green skin care beauty routine has become a walk in the park—or a vast, plant-filled garden. Here are our top five picks for eco-friendly skin care brands when switching up your beauty regimen this summer—naturally.

Beauty brand: Éminence Organic Skin Care

Beauty beginnings: The luxe spa line began as a family business in Budapest in in 1958, where the use of herbs, fruits and plants in natural remedies was passed on from previous generations.

Why you should know them: Ingredients are handpicked and prepared with thermal hot spring water to create skin care, body and cosmetic lines. Available in select spas and salons across Canada.

Natural standout:
The line prides itself on using ingredients from biodynamic farming practices—the harvest includes chamomile, Seabuckthorn and cornflower.

Best buys: Tinted Moisturizer SPF 25 (approx. $48), in three shades, contains linden tea and shea butter. The Chocolate & Cherries Jubilee herbal spa tea is the edible luxe equivalent.

Beauty brand: Kibio

Beauty beginnings: The French-based organic skin care line was purchased by Clarins shortly after its inception in 2010, becoming one of the leaders in natural beauty.

Why you should know them:
Based on ‘Ki’ principles— the energy of life in Asia that focuses on traditional medical practices,— the beauty brand creates skin and body care products with a holistic approach.

Natural standout:
Chocked full of anti-aging lotions, radiance creams and exfoliating body scrubs with delicious-sounding ingredients like cranberry, lemongrass and apricot kernel.

Best buys:
Ki-Crème Hydration & Radiance (approx. $22), made with shea butter and kiwi for moisture and a natural glow.

Beauty brand: Yes To

Beauty beginnings: Natural fruit-and-veggie based beauty line Yes To began with Carrots in 2005, and expanded to include Tomatoes and Cucumbers in 2008; Blueberries were added to beauty basket in 2010.

Why you should know them: Four brands for targeted skin and hair beauty remedies: Carrots (nourishing for normal-to-dry), Cucumbers (sensitive and colour-treated), Tomato (combination and acne-prone), Blueberries (age-damage and mature skin).

Natural standout: Apart of from the obvious namesake ingredients? Products are concocted with varying combos of beeswax, coconut and fruit oils, all paraben and petroleum free. Best buys: Yes to Carrots Daily Moisture Body Lotion ($8.99) and Yes to Blueberries Intensive Skin Repair Serum ($21.99), for your complete food group coverage.

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Versace-bks-A-RS12-7098CANVAS.jpgBeauty brand: Korres

Beauty beginnings: Founded in Athens over two decades ago by pharmacist George Korres, the natural skin care company consists of over 400 natural or organic skin care and cosmetic products.

Why you should know them:
Like the Indiana Jones’ of the beauty world, Korres plant hunters travel through Greece and around the world in search of rare plant ingredients; natural beauty inside and out, all gift boxes are made of recyclable cardboard.

Natural standout: Four collections for different skin care treatment, products are made with vegetable oils and shea butter, plus plant extracts like wild rose oil, to brighten skin.

Best buys: Yoghurt After-Sun Cooling Gel (approx. $23.50)—because who could resist Greek yogurt?

Beauty brand: Klorane

Beauty beginnings:
Pharmacist Pierre Fabre founded Klorane Laboratories in Tarn in southwest France in 1966, developing shampoos with active plant ingredients.

Why you should know them:
A passion for plants and nature is reflected in hair care products specifically targeted for individual ailments (think mango butter treatment for dry hair), plus gentle eye makeup removers infused with soothing cornflower.

Natural standout:
A botanical garden of beauty care: chamomile extracts for blondes, papyrus for smoothing out locks and pomegranate for colour treatment.

Best buys:
Conditioning Balm with Pomegranate (approx. $9.95), to repair unruly tresses and preserve colour.

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