When it comes to overhauling our beauty regimens, most of us are already seeing green. That’s because the average beauty consumer is becoming more diligent with researching the ingredients that make up their favourite products, says Kristen Ma, a Toronto-based esthetician and co-owner of Pure and Simple Spas. We chatted with Ma about taking a holistic approach to beauty—more than skin deep, it’s attributed to overall wellness—and how to update your summer makeup routine with natural beauty products.

Natural beauty care: Summer skin care

For prolonged laying-on-the-beach time—and who are we kidding, why would we ever cut this short?—Ma advises applying a mineral sunblock before setting up along the sand. “Most chemical-based sunblocks require 20 minutes to fully absorb into the skin,” says Ma. But the UV-protectant becomes inactive after hitting the waves and needs to be applied immediately after drying off with your beach towel. “Mineral sunblock provides all-day protection because it creates a shield from the sun.”

TRY: For the beach, Green Beaver Certified Organic SPF 27 Spray ($21.99) at greenbeaver.com. For extra SPF lip care TLC, try Kiss My Face Coconut Pineapple Lip Balm SPF 15 ($3.49) at kissmyface.com.

Natural beauty care: Lips

Lip service to consider: “Any form of lip treatment should be a natural product,” says Ma, listing off everything from liner to gloss. “We tend to eat the products because of their proximity to our mouths.” Our lip gloss litmus test? Making sure the product tastes good when licked off throughout the day.

TRY: For daily lip maintenance, Pangea Organics Italian Mandarin with Rose Lip Balm ($14), at freshfaced.ca. Keep things in line with Pure and Simple Mineral Lip Liner in Antique Rose ($9.95), available at Pure and Simple spa locations.

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Natural beauty care: Eyes

Since there are no enforced regulations when it comes to standards for labeling beauty products “natural”, Ma insists that self-education is key to determining which products to avoid (Her discerning-shopper’s tip? Don’t buy a product if it the ingredients aren’t listed on the packaging.)

When deciding on natural beauty products for eyes, Ma says that the choice can go either way in this case. “Whereas body oil is slathered allover, eyeliner is used on a much smaller area.” But if you notice that your eyes are more sensitive to regular beauty products, she recommends going for a natural
mascara product instead.

TRY: Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara ($19), available at Sephora, to hydrate and volumize lashes. For colourful array of green shadows, try Nvey Eco Eyeshadow Palette ($63), at freshfaced.ca.

Natural beauty care: Body

Think of the worldwide green shift in the context of your beauty bag: “People are no longer seeing beauty as superficial and an aesthetic-only image,” says Ma. “It’s a part of complete wellness.” For your daily body moisturizer, she recommends selecting products made with vegetable or plant-based oils. “They penetrate better than synthetic products,” she adds. Natural ingredients in body creams and butters are also gently
absorbed into pores and less irritating for people with sensitive skin.

TRY: For extra attention to sensitive skin, Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer (approx. $32), available at Sephora. For all-in-one treatment, try One Love Organics Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm ($68), at oneloveorganics.com.

Natural beauty care: Face

For Ma, the natural beauty-deciding factor is how closely the product comes into contact with the skin—think facial moisturizers, concealer and foundation. “Anything that stays on skin and is absorbed as you move about your day,” Ma recommends. For a summer glow, she suggests applying a
mineral-based bronzer. “They’re pretty good for all skin types.

TRY: For allover, weightless coverage, Alima Pure Satin Matte Foundation ($25), at alimapure.com. To naturally cover up imperfections, try Jane Iredale Disappear concealer ($30, variety of shades), available at Pure and Simple spa locations.

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