Montreal Fashion Week: Backstage beauty report, Day 1

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With the first day of Montreal Fashion Week done, we highlight some of the key beauty trends that made it down the runway.

Marie Saint-Pierre
Hair "For Marie Saint Pierre, the look is about texture, and it’s anti-commercial, more editorial," says Denis Binet, Pantene Consulting Stylist. Using Sebastian Microweb Fibre, he worked the product into the hair at the roots but not the ends, to
plump hair at the roots and give texture at the scalp. To the rest of the hair, he worked in both mousse and gel and let it rest in the hair for two hours. Then sweeping hair to one side, he started the beginnings of a braid, only doing two to three weaves and then tied it with a black ribbon, leaving the rest of the hair loose and textured. The result? Pretty and undone, as though the models woke up late and quickly tied hair to the side as they rushed out of the house.

Makeup To emphasize the mix of strength and femininity found in the clothing, Amelie Ducharme played up femininity by making the skin appear Photoshopped. She applied
foundation, and before the foundation set, she swept on some Cover Girl Smokey Shadow Blast in white to the skin at the nose, cheeks and lips to add highlight, blending it into the foundation. "It makes them look almost unreal, like mannequins," says Ducharme of the effect this creates. For a bit of contouring, she used Cover Girl Clean pressed powder. To the lips, she went avant garde, filling them in with two dark shades of Liquiline Blast (in Black and Grey).

Hair To contrast with the chic, couture-like aesthetic of the Duy collection, Denis Binet, Pantene Consulting Stylist, made the hair look a bit dirty for contrast. The hair was parted in the middle and kept clean looking and smooth until the cheekbones. Then the goal was to make the rest of the hair length appear dirty, a challenge to mimic the look on all of the models (all with different hair textures). To do so, Binet sprayed hairspray and teased the ends and then flat ironed the teased ends to add thickness to the hair. Brushing out the hair a bit, he continued manipulating the ends with his hands until it achieved the messy, equally voluminous look on all of the models. Some
subtle waves were added and right before they hit the runway, and Binet applied some Pantene Creme for Medium-Thick Hair to the ends.  

Tavan & Mitto Hair A fringe made of black satin ribbon attached onto every model (no matter what their hair colour) might sound distracting or even odd but it worked at the Tavan & Mitto runway show. Other than the attached fringe, hair was pulled into a high ponytail, "which is very difficult to do with dry, clean hair without it falling flat," says Denis Binet, Pantene Consulting Stylist. To make the hair "dirty" he applied plenty of hair gel, but to prevent the gel from making the hair crispy, he also mixed in Pantene Creme for Medium-Thick hair (on the models with curly hair, he used mousse instead of gel). He left the hair to sit with the product for about an hour and then swept the hair up into a high ponytail, using a small strand of hair to wrap around the elastic to hide it from view. Then to keep the ponytail sleek, he placed two elastics down the length of the ponytail to keep it narrow. Finishing the look is the hair comb with the black-ribbon fringe.

Makeup To go with the collection (a mix of rigid, structural elements and flowy pieces), Amelie Ducharme, Cover Girl makeup pro, went with a very feminine look. Skin was polished looking, with Cover Girl Tone Rehab foundation and some subtle contouring using Cover Girl Clean pressed powder. On the eyes, just a bit of Cover Girl Lash Blast 24 Hours mascara. The biggest focus here is the lips, which Ducharme played up with lipstick and lip gloss (for a mix of textures, like the collection). She started with Cover Girl Lip Perfection lipstick in Hot 305, then added depth with Lip Perfection liner in Sublime 200, more hot lipstick and finally a slick of Cover Girl Shine Blast in Clear 800.
Which of these looks is your favourite?

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