It’s not about the beauty trend, but how you adapt it to suit your features, that creates some of the most stunning—yet naturally flattering—looks season after season. While continuously trying out the hottest beauty trends keeps your makeup bag current, the best looks will always come down to the right shades that play up the undertones in your skin.

We asked Lori Taylor Davis, Smashbox Cosmetics’s global pro lead artist, to share her expert makeup tips on selecting the right shades and looks for cool skin tones. Grab your favourite burgundy lipstick—this one’s for you.

Makeup tips: The telltale signs of cool skin tones

If you naturally have a pink and rosy flush to your skin, then chances are that you have cool undertones. Genetics are also a great way of determining your skin tone: Typically, people will cool undertones to their skin will have light blue, grey or deep brown eyes. And their hair colour will have similar icy tones—think ash blonde, dark brown or jet-black shades. The veins on your wrist will also appear to have a bluer tone under the skin.

Another (unfortunate) signifier of cool undertones to your skin? “If you burn easily,” says Taylor Davis.

Makeup tips: The best foundation shades for your skin tone

Matching your foundation shade to the undertones of your skin will enhance your natural colouring—and give your complexion a beautiful, flawless finish. Cooler undertones tend to give a pink or reddish cast to the skin “Foundation with a neutral tone will melt into the skin,” says Taylor Davis. Try Smashbox Halo Blush in Warm Glow. “Warm neutral pink tones, think, will add a subtle flush without adding too much pink or red.” The neutral base tone of the foundation should mimic the appearance of skin, she explains.

Applying makeup with complementary undertones to the skin can have a flattering effect—and soften up your look. “As far as bronzers go, choosing colours that are not too deep and easily layered, and a matte as opposed to shimmer can warm up and enhance a cool undertone,” says Taylor Davis.

For a naturally enhancing day look, choose shades that will play up your flush tones—think rosy cheeks, a soft, pink pout. “The easiest application is to keep colour monochromatic, choosing tones that add a subtle warmth to the lips, cheeks and eye,” says Taylor Davis. “Rose tones can work best for this type of application.”

Add a pop of colour to the eyes with jewel-toned eyeshadow or liner, which beautifully complement cool skin tones. “Blue, purple, blue-green, green, magenta (depending on your eye colour) will look best,” she says. Keep it soft—a pale wash of shadow on the lids—for daywear.

Stay within the same colour palette for night—just bring out the drama with darker pigments. “Adding a deeper lip and coloured liner is the bridge between day and night makeup,” says Taylor Davis. Brave the burgundy statement lip—it’s impossibly chic and flattering on cooler skin. “The makeup look that I’m currently loving is a deeper lined eye think paired with a berry toned lip,” she says. Your nighttime look couldn’t get any cooler.

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