1. Dyehard “If you’ve coloured your own hair and it’s too dark, immediately wash it with dish soap,” says Andrea Claire, a consulting stylist for Infusium 23. “It will strip and lift out some of the colour.” After washing, restore lost moisture by applying a deep conditioner, like Infusium 23 Moisturologie Deep-Rinse Treatment ($7).

2. Bottom line Achieving perfectly lined peepers requires a steady hand — if in doubt, go with smoky eyes instead. Apply liner, then smudge it with your finger so it looks more like a shadow, says Angie Semple, Christian Dior Canada’s education and artistry manager.

3. Fingerpaint A slick of clear topcoat is all you need to salvage smudged polish, says Jacquie Hutchinson, national product trainer for Revlon Canada. “After applying, protect the nail with a drop of nail oil,” she adds. Try Revlon Expert Effect Quick Dry Top Coat ($7.50) and No Smudge Dry Oil ($7.50).

4. Fringe fest Regretting your DIY bang trim? Sweep your bangs to the side, says Rasa Jurenas, essential looks artist for Schwarzkopf Professional. To hold hair in place, use Schwarzkopf Professional OSiS G.Force Strong Styling Gel ($18).

5. Match point If your foundation is too dark for your skin tone use a sponge to dab moisturizer on top of it, says Greg Wencel, Rimmel London spokesperson and makeup artist. “The sponge will absorb some of the pigment, and the moisturizer will sheer it out for lighter coverage.”

6. Hot spot Couldn’t help picking at a pimple? “Use a concealer that contains salicylic acid,” says Dr. Victoria Taraska, a Winnipeg-based dermatologist. “It will reduce redness and blotchy skin while drying out the blemish.” Try Clean & Clear Advantage Invisible Patch ($9).

7. Patch test Disguise over-tweezed eyebrows by filling in patchy areas with a powder that matches the hair on your head, not your brows. “Choose an angular brush and apply the powder with short strokes,” says Semple.

8. First blush Tone down too-bright blush with a touch of foundation. Smooth it over the cheeks with a soft brush, says Eddie Maleterre, official makeup artist for L’Oréal Paris in Canada. Get tip on wearing blush here!

9. Root matter Between salon visits, camouflage regrowth with coloured hair mascara, says Claire. “Pinch strands of your hair, section by section, and apply colour using small, light strokes.” Or, just pull your hair back with a headband — they’re still a hot accessory!

10. Faux glow Didn’t exfoliate before applying self-tanner? “Even out
blotchiness with a body scrub — anything with granules in it — and then apply body makeup,” says Wencel. Smooth on Rimmel Sun Shimmer Sexy Legs Instant Tan ($10) and blend well.

11. Dry spell Powder kills shine — but too much of it will make your skin appear dry and dehydrated. “Moisten a tissue with water and pat it over your forehead, cheekbones and chin,” says Maleterre. Or, spritz with Vichy Laboratoires Thermal Spa Water ($12 for 150 mL).

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Flawless foundation can be yours with these tips12. Loud mouth That lipstick looked fierce in the tube — but on your lips, it’s a Day-Glo disaster. Dab on just a hint of colour, then apply a thin layer of gloss to blend it out, says Maleterre.

13. Lash out There’s nothing sexy about clumpy, Tammy Faye-style lashes. “Wipe the excess off your mascara wand,” says Maleterre. “Starting with the underside of your lashes, gently slide the brush toward the outer tip to loosen clumps.”

14. Light show Hairdresser gone highlight-happy? Squeeze in some lemon juice and sit outside. “The sun and citrus will lighten the darker strands and give a slight lift to the pieces that are already blonde,” says Claire. Wash and apply a leave-in conditioner, such as Infusium Colourologie Leave-In Treatment ($7), to counteract the drying effects of citrus.

15. Tenderflake Although you were going for that fresh-faced glow, sometimes an at-home peel or microdermabrasion treatment can leave skin irritated, red and flaky. “Apply a moisturizer, like Cliniderm or Impruv, or a mild, 0.5-percent strength cortisone cream,” says Taraska. “It will lock in moisture and keep your skin smooth.”

16. Straight-up Suffering from over-straightened locks? Velcro rollers to the rescue. “Roll them from the tips of your hair to the roots,” says Claire. “Leave them in for about 10 minutes: you’ll get some bounce, but your hair will still be smooth and straight.”

17. Heavyweight Using too much styling product can weigh your hair down and leave it sticky. “Mist your hair,” says Jurenas. “The water will dilute the product without removing it entirely. Now restyle your hair and you’re all set.”

18. Extreme eyes If your eyeshadow application was heavy-handed, don’t try to soften it with another shade. “You’re only going to create some other
colour,” says Semple. “Grab a full, soft brush and dust a little loose translucent powder over your lids. It’s a great way to diffuse the colour.”

19. Limp locks No time to shampoo? “Put a few shakes of baby powder in your hand, bend over and work it through your hair,” says Jurenas. Because it contains talc, the powder will absorb excess oil.

20. Bronze age Pale skin is better than a streaky bronzed fiasco. If you’ve overdone it with the bronzer, “dip a large, fluffy brush into translucent powder and blend it into the skin,” says Hutchinson.

21. Thick and thin It’s meant to hide imperfections, but a high-coverage
concealer can look thick and cakey. “Use your fingers to dab a bit of foundation on top and blend it in,” says Wencel.

22. Upper hand Nails a mess but no time for a manicure? “It’s all about buffing and polishing your nails,” says Hutchinson. Buff in a horizontal direction across your nails to smooth out any ridges, then apply a clear topcoat.

23. Wax figure If waxing leaves your skin red and irritated, use a vitamin E-based product to calm it down, says Taraska. “Use an ointment rather than a cream, as the preservatives in creams can cause stinging.” Or, apply an aloe-vera-based product, like Yves Rocher Aloe Vera Essentiel SOS Post-Waxing Oil ($18).

24. Lip service The ’80s are back in fashion — but that doesn’t mean you can get away with lipliner that’s too dark. “Use a lip brush or the pad of your ring finger to blend down and soften the line,” says Semple. “Start from the corner of your mouth and work inward.” Or, try the colourless DuWop Reverse Lipliner ($26).

25. Shine on While they may give you a glow, light-reflecting powders and foundations also accentuate fine lines. “Work moisturizer into problem areas — laugh lines and crow’s feet — in an upward circular motion,” says Hutchinson.

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