Google has rounded up the top trending beauty searches of 2017, which, according to Alexandra Hunnings Klein, trends expert at Google Canada, are defined as beauty queries “that had the highest spike in traffic over a sustained period in 2017 as compared to 2016.”

The top trending “happy beauty” searches of the year—meaning “experiences outside of conventional makeup; the fun, magical and novel ways we use makeup to define ourselves,” says Hunnings Klein—are as mystical and unicorn-themed as you would expect. 

1. Holographic Makeup
2. Unicorn Makeup
3. Holographic Nails
4. Unicorn Hair
5. Mermaid (Hair, Nails, Makeup)
6. Fairy (Hair, Nails, Makeup)
7. Dragon (Hair, Nails, Makeup)

On the eyebrow front, the top trending eyebrow-related searches of 2017 are: 

1. Feathered Brow
2. Brow Wax
3. Microblading
4. Brow Powder

Surprisingly (thankfully?) the squiggly brow “trend” (phenomenon?) did not crack the top four. 


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The top trending beauty trends were vegan makeup, which was most searched in Ontario, and Korean makeup, which was most searched in British Columbia, Ontario and Alberta.

Specifically, Canadians were querying “What are the ethics of makeup?” and “What’s the difference between American Makeup and Korean Makeup?”

“Canadians are searching for personalized makeup,” explains Hunnings Klein. “Makeup that aligns not only with that they like from an aesthetic point of view but also from an ethical point of view.”