Nicholas Hoult has come a long  way since his breakout roles in About a Boy, a film he made at the age of 12, and Skins, the famous British series he starred in when he was in his late teens. Over the years, we’ve seen his versatility in action movies and sci-fi flicks alike (notably the X-Men series and Mad Max: Fury Road), and, more recently, he has flexed his comedic chops in the lauded historical dramedy The Favourite and the critically acclaimed Hulu series The Great.

The talented actor, whom we spoke with at Biotherm’s Blue Beauty Summit in Monaco this past summer, is also the face of Biotherm’s Force Supreme line. It’s a collaboration that makes sense for Hoult, given that the brand—which just celebrated its 70th anniversary in the spring of this year—is committed to ocean preservation, a mission that resonates strongly with the new dad. “I’ve always loved going to the seaside,” says Hoult. “I like surfing, and my parents sail, so I love being around the water. But when I became a father, I suddenly [realized that] I want to make sure my son—and future generations—can enjoy and experience all of that in the same way I did.”

The 32-year-old wasn’t a beauty enthusiast growing up, but he learned about the benefits of taking care of his skin as he got older and spent a lot of time on film sets.

“With my line of work, [I’ve had to wear] quite heavy makeup for a lot of the jobs I’ve done,” says Hoult. “That’s when I started to notice the toll it was taking on my skin, particularly when [I was working] long days and travelling. I started to poke around, looking for what could help, and that’s when I came across Force Supreme.”

Since then, he has kept up a regular routine. “In the morning, I wake up, work out and shower, and then I apply the Blue Serum,” says Hoult. “If I plan to spend time outdoors, I follow that with sunscreen because I absolutely have to protect my pale complexion.” And in the evening? “A good cleanse, a little toner and then I let my skin breathe before applying my nighttime moisturizer,” he says. “It’s a simple and straightforward routine that works wonders for me.”

The Great, a satirical comedy-drama very loosely based on the rise of Prussian-born Catherine II, who became the greatest empress in Russian history, provided a welcome reprieve for fans during the pandemic lockdowns, and it’s just as amusing for Hoult to play the obnoxious- yet-endearing Peter III as it is for us to watch. “It’s really fun,” he says. “Tony [McNamara], the show’s creator, is such a skilled writer in terms of how he develops characters. Then there’s the humour and the dialogue—he’s so witty and sharp.”

With a third season of the series on its way, as well as the upcoming Renfield, a Dracula film (set to be released in the spring of 2023) in which Hoult plays R. M. Renfield, the unstable assistant to the vampiric count, we’re looking forward to seeing the actor even more on both the small and big screens. Huzzah!

Nicholas Hoult’s All-Around Favourites

His signature fragrance: Stronger With You by Emporio Armani
His favourite movie: Being There, directed by Hal Ashby and
starring Peter Sellers
What he listens to on a loop: Q
His mentor: Colin Firth


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