On working with Doniella Davy, Euphoria’s on-set makeup artist

“I was already good at highlighting my features, but I wasn’t used to integrating 3-D elements into my makeup routine. Doniella and I had a lot of fun using glitter or incorporating pearls into Jules’ looks. She made me want to explore that realm a bit more.”

On Jules’ beauty looks in Euphoria

“I think this role has had as much influence on me as I’ve had on it. I started seeing makeup as another artistic medium and my face as a canvas. I even helped Doniella create certain looks, like the amazing cloud makeup Jules wears in the first season. As for Jules, she has encouraged me to push my own creativity by having fun with colour and going for more daring looks.”

On her new role as the face of Shiseido

“I feel blessed to be collaborating with a brand [whose artistic team’s] vision I connect with so much, from the images they use to the people they work with. This partnership also gives me access to a whole collection of incredibly-high-quality products, which makes exploring them even more exciting.”

On her favourite beauty products

“I swear by [Shiseido’s] Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream, which I apply right after getting out of the shower. For day-to-day life, the Synchro Skin Radiant Lifting Foundation is a must: It perfectly brightens skin and has a really natural finish. I also just started using the LipLiner Ink Duo Prime + Line, which has a clear hydrating base on one end and a coloured point on the other. It’s the ideal product for softly tinting lips. I’m also fascinated by the texture of the Pop PowderGel eyeshadows. The Zaa Zaa Navy shade, which is a deep navy blue with a slightly shimmery finish, is just gorgeous.”

On the pandemic’s effect on her beauty routine

“During lockdown, my state of mind has been transported to a time when I was younger, before I started going out with my friends and attending endless events. Back then, I wore makeup for fun, not because I had to, and I’ve started doing that again. I’m playing with cosmetics and colours for no particular reason. Maybe it’s because I’m a bit bored, but it feels good, and I think it’s a great reminder of how we should be using cosmetics!”

On the fashion designers she’s loving right now

“Though my fashion career is sort of on pause at the moment, it’s still an industry I’m incredibly passionate about. I was so happy that Hood by Air started posting on social media again and launched new products. I think it’s a legendary brand, and Shayne Oliver, the designer behind it, is totally iconic. Lately, I’m also really inspired by Mugler’s creations and I’ve been doing some digging into the Prada archives.”

Shiseido Essential Energy Moisturizing Cream

Price: $64


Shiseido Synchro Skin Radiant Lifting Foundation

Price: $60


Shiseido Pop PowderGel Eye Shadow in Zaa Zaa Navy

Price: 29$