New Brunswick native Anna Silk has spent the last five years playing Bo the succubus (for the unititiated, that’s a supernatural seductress) on the sci-fi series, Lost Girl.

That required a loooooooot of bedroom eyes. “On Lost Girl I wore quite a bit of makeup, but it suited the character and the show,” says Silk, who wrapped filming of the final season of the series earlier this year. Thanks to her character, she adds, “I have gotten pretty good at doing my own makeup and doing it quickly.” Her off-duty routine, however, we learn is much simpler…

What’s your makeup routine when you’re away from the limelight?
It’s pretty basic, really. I try and take really good care of my skin and wear minimal makeup when I am not working. I go for facials whenever I can and try and use natural products most of the time. For makeup I stick to a BB cream (I love Dr. Perricone’s No Foundation Foundation), a Josie Maran or Rimmel bronzer, blush, mascara (Cover Girl volumizing mascara in the fat orange tube) and tinted lip balm. I love the tinted lip balms from Burt’s Bees. Blush Orchid is my favourite. That usually is enough to make me feel put together for the day.
Are you experimental with makeup? Not really! I have tried the red lip thing and it was fun but I really prefer things that are more in the nude palette — I think it’s sexier. I like red nails when I see them on other people but when I have tried them I don’t feel like myself. I do love a smoky eye, however, and will do different variations on that.

What one beauty product are you coveting this season?
Styling my own hair is not a strength of mine. I would say the best product has been a great dry shampoo. It can give your hair a day or two more style and can freshen things up in the heat. I just started using one I really love from Bamboo called Cleanse Extend.

What’s been you biggest beauty fail? After Lost Girl wrapped I got a sudden urge to chop my hair. The cut was great but after a few days I missed my long hair and have been growing it back ever since. Maybe it was a need to let go – it was cathartic on a spiritual level, but not my finest look.

How are fans dealing with the end of Lost Girl? Can you provide us any hints on what to expect?
I think it is a bittersweet end for most fans. I know it was for the cast as well. But we feel like we all got to tell this amazing story and I can’t wait for fans to see us through to the end. As for hints on what to expect, it’s almost impossible to talk about. I can say that true to Lost Girl fashion, bold choices are made and I loved the way we finished this incredible series. When I read the final episode it was like finishing the greatest book I had ever read where the characters continue to live on in your mind.

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