We’re well aware of the fact that our makeup—while fresh and flawless-looking in the morning—isn’t quite as luminous come lunchtime. We chatted with makeup pros for their step-by-step beauty secrets on how to apply makeup for a long-lasting finish year-round.

Long-wearing makeup tricks: Prime for a lasting finish

Despite our best makeup removal efforts, sometimes residue of yesterday’s cat eye look lingers until the next day—blame it on expert application tips. “It’s important to first remove all traces of past makeup on the eyes and face,” says Pierce Rees, Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique manager in Toronto. “Water and oil-based removers are great options along with your cleanser.”

Try Quo Gentle Eye makeup remover and finish with your favourite moisturizer to rehydrate skin. “If you find that you have dry patches of skin, use an ultra-fine scrub and a rich moisturizer the night before,” he says.

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Create an even, flawless-looking base by filling in fine lines and pores. “Primer is your best friend all year round,” Rees says, as one of his top beauty secrets. “The first step is to find a primer that suits your needs, whether it be colour-correcting, hydrating or even bronzing.” Apply a dime-sized amount into the palm of your hands and gently press—never rub— into your face, starting on either side of your nose working up and out. “And remember less is more— you want to avoid that cakey, heavy look.” Try Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer for a clean canvas.

Same goes for a long-lasting red lip. “A good lip primer will always hold your lipstick in place longer, but more importantly, it will help the colour read true,” he says. If you forgo a lip primer, layer products for a lasting look. “Start with a lip stain, then line and fill in your lips with a lip liner. Lastly, apply lipstick and gloss if you wish.”

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2 more expert makeup tricks on how to get a long-lasting makeup application…


Long-wearing makeup tricks: Use a lighter touch
Where cheeks glisten luminously on the starlets of classic black and white films, for whatever reason this same look usually translates into slick patches in warmer temperatures IRL. To combat oily skin, use mattifying skin care products and primer. “Use a long-lasting foundation and set your look with a matte pressed powder using a powder puff,” says Rees. If you have dry skin, instead look for water-based foundation and follow up with a dusting of a hydrating pressed powder over top.

Flawless, all-day coverage is all in the makeup application. “Apply makeup with a lighter hand so you don’t start the day with a heavy layer of makeup,” says Kristee Liu, a celebrity makeup artist based in Los Angeles. “And blot with blotting paper or blotting powder that is ultra light-weight a few times throughout the day.” Keep MAC Blot Powder on hand for quick touchups.

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Sometimes you need to quickly refresh your look for a night out. “Grab a big bronzer brush and dip it in a pressed powder, and buff your skin using circular motions,” says Rees. “This will remove all blush and bronzer while at the same time perfect your skin. Then, simply reapply your blush and bronzer and you’re ready to go.” To create the instantly refreshed look, use Quo professional Bronzer Brush for your makeup application.

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Long-wearing makeup tricks: Use water-proof makeup

To keep your cat eye liner in place for after-work cocktails with the girls, use a water-resistant eye liner. “Start by lifting your chin up and looking down at your nose. Draw a thin line from the inner corner and thicken the line as you make your way out,” says Rees. “Then count to six and repeat at least once. The trick is allowing the liner to dry and set before movement or rubbing takes place on the lash line.”

Ensure your lovely pastel eye shadow hue stays fresh all day. “Coloured water-resistant eye shadow pencils are a great option,” he says. “Follow the lash line and use your finger to smudge upwards to blend the colour to your lids.” And keep it there well into those late nights.

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