Bright lips

Bold, happy colours won’t be cropping up only in the garden this spring. When the warm weather come this spring, the hottest lip colours will be vivid—think fuschia, tangerine, red and orange (as seen on the models who walked the catwalk for Rita Liefhebber and Jeremy Laing).

Get the look: Skip the lip liner (with a vibrant shade, using a liner can sometimes add too harsh an edge) and apply the lipstick with a brush—this will help fill in all the lines in your lips with the lip colour. Tend to shy away from bright lips? To get yourself used to seeing yourself in a bold colour, artistic director of LG Fashion Week, Beauty by L’Oréal Paris Eddie Malter suggests first dabbing it on with your finger one day, then dabbing on some more the next, and you’ll soon become so accustomed to the brilliant shade on your pout that you’ll be able to sweep it onto your lips with confidence.

The ’60s bouffant

“Big fullness, with the
hair flipping up at the ends is a trend for spring,” says Eric Del Monaco, official hair artist and colourist for L’Oréal Paris in Canada. “Think 1960 vixen,” he adds, noting this Valley of the Dolls-inspired look is what the models wore in the
House of Groves show.

Get the look: Dig out your hot roller or Velcro rollers. You’ll need large rollers as the rollers are used to add volume, not to create curl. Work in some volumizing mousse, such as L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Silk & Gloss Mousse, focusing the product at the crown and working and remaining product down the hair shaft. With hair moist from mousse, add rollers working from the front to back. Then heat each roller using your blow dryer on its highest heat mode to help set the rollers. Let cool, pull out rollers and brush back hair. Backcomb your hair, using a working hairspray as you tease, to create volume at the crown and then brush hair back with a paddle brush to smooth out the style. Finish with an extra-strong hold hairspray, such as Elnet.

Nude makeup

Dewy skin, with soft, earthy tones on the eyes and neutral lips is a popular look for spring, says Eddie. This very
wearable makeup look was seen at several shows, including Romona Keveza, Joe Fresh and Chloé Comme Parris.

Get the look: Sometimes going too neutral with makeup can make one look bland and pale. The secret to pulling it off is playing with shadow and light, says Eddie. Make your skin dewy with a foundation that offers radiant subtle sheen, such as L’Oréal Paris Visible Lift Foundation; pay special attention to contouring your eye shadow in the crease; don’t forget to sweep on some highlighter at the cheekbones and right underneath your brows (one of Eddie’s favourites for highlighting is L’Oréal Paris Wear Infinite Eye Shadow in Morning Light).

All about chignons and lashes on the next page …


High, twisted chignon

Hair goes up and away this season, as seen on the Lauren Bagliore runway, in a
twisted chignon that reaches great heights.

Get the look: Practice your backcombing skills to complete this hairstyle with ease. Two must-have tools for the job? “A good steel-tail tailcomb—you want a steel tail because it offers more precision than a thicker plastic tail does,” says Eric. “You also need a thin paddle brush with boar bristles—these bristles are gentler on your hair and will give a nice, smooth finish,” he says. Once you’ve teased your locks, bend over and with your hair down, take the entire mass of backcombed hair and twist it up, and pin at the crown of your head. Don’t fret about making it look perfect. “You should let pieces fray and fall where they may,” says Eric.

Luscious lashes

Get ready to
invest in many tubes of mascara. “3D lashes are huge this spring,” says Eddie, who created some of the boldest lashes for shows including Joe Fresh and House of Groves.

Get the look: You not only need to apply
several coats of mascara to get your lashes to stand out, Eddie also suggests brushing on mascara both on the undersides of your lashes and on top of your lashes. The simplest way to steady your hand and keep from blinking while applying heavy mascara? “Put a hand mirror on a table, sit down and look into the mirror as you do your mascara,” says Eddie. He says this stance positions your lashes a good angle for mascara application as your gaze is shifted downwards. His favourite mascara to work with? L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes.

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