You are not a Gen Z, but you’re not your mom either. Remember when you would go dancing until
 5 a.m., get two hours of sleep and make it to work looking as put together as the lead in a romcom? That was the old you. Today, the late nights (which, let’s be honest, end at midnight) and stress show up on your face in the form of puffiness, redness, dehydration and dark circles
 and lead to premature aging. (Lancôme did a 
study.) But don’t worry! I can help.

You and your lotion should see other people. I’m all about hydration. In fact, about 24 percent of me is made up of emollients, which means I’m up to three times more concentrated than your basic lotion.

I have powerful friends. Like my sister product 
Énergie de Vie Overnight Recovery Sleeping Mask, a cooling gel that dissolves into hydrating water droplets upon contact with the skin. While you and I should hang on the daily, you can use the mask weekly, after applying me, or in emergency stress situs (like when your roommate’s snoring keeps you up all night).

K-Beauty is my jam. My formula is inspired
 by cosmetic waters – a combo of 
toner and serums that goes all the way back to 19th-century Asia. I’m a bit more complicated than that, though: I’m part lotion, part cream and part serum, and I’m safe to use around the eyes. In other words, I just cut your morning routine in half.

I’m into nature. My active ingredients all
 come from medicinal plants. Each bottle contains extract from 30 lemon-balm leaves (from the south of France, naturally), which protects skin’s proteins and lipids and reduces pollution-induced inflammation; goji-berry extract, which is rich in antioxidants; and gentian-root extract, which increases
 the amount of ATP
(fuel) in cells.

Lancôme Énergie de Vie The Smoothing & Glow Boosting Liquid Care ($60), at

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