buffed-nailsImage courtesy of ImaxTree.com

Sometimes, friends, you need to put down the nail polish, step away from the Shellac and give your nails a break. I know it’s tough, but a few good weeks of natural nails will do them a world of good. That doesn’t mean we run around with ragged nails — even natural nails can be posh and beautiful. Just follow these tips from Cathy Crispo Mancini, President and CEO of
LUX Spa in Toronto for the
prettiest, buffed natural nails.
What you need: Nail polish remover Cotton or gauze to remove the polish Nail file (180 grit) Cuticle cream – Mancini recommends Nagelhautcreme by Camillen 60 Bowl with warm soapy water Towel Orange wood stick Buffer Oil (almond, coconut or olive) – Mancini’s fave is SolarOil by CND Hand lotion – Mancini likes Camillen 60 Handcreme which makes skin soft and silky without leaving a greasy film on the skin.
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