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Here are five good reasons to join group classes this year:

1. Turn your “happy hours” into sweat sessions.

It was too easy! I signed up at the same gym as my best friend, and two other friends have since joined our group! Now, instead of getting together for a drink, we get together for some Pilates or kick-boxing! We see each other more often, motivate each other to show up for class and give each other the strength to see it through to the end. Three birds with one stone. No downside there!

2. Discover muscles you didn’t know you had.

When you train at home alone, the range of exercises you do tends to be limited! By trying out different classes, you’ll learn to move differently, activate new muscles and develop new physical skills. A ballet-inspired class can show you how to strengthen your muscles through stretching (instead of contracting) for a more refined shape, while a boxing class can improve your accuracy and speed, two assets that will serve you at work!

3. Outdo yourself … without realizing it.

Every time I attend a military-style boot camp, I can’t help myself but thinking: “God, if I had had to complete this training alone in my living room, I would’ve quit 20 minutes ago!” In a group class, you stay in the zone for a full 60 minutes and are focused on the instructor, who tends to drown out that little voice telling you that you can’t take it anymore (even though we all know you can!).

4. Do it just for fun.

Using exercise to blow off steam after a busy day is already awesome, but when you can turn it into a party by blaring Beyoncé, it’s even better! Today, fitness centres go the extra mile to offer a wide variety of classes and promote pleasure first while living and active lifestyle! Whether you like to surf, jump on a trampoline, play drums, perform acrobatics or just swim, they’ve got you covered!

5. Improve your knowledge of physical fitness.

Going through the motions at home is fine, but exercising with an instructor who can assist you and bring corrections makes it a lot more interesting. Plus, it increases our will to improve ourselves! Don’t be afraid to ask questions, be curious, pay attention, learning never gets old!

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