Golfer Brooke Henderson


“I love a good omelette in the morning before I play, but afterwards it’s always something different.”

– Brooke Henderson


Two-time Olympian in cross-country mountain biking and Oakley athlete, Catharine Pendrel 


“I like oats for breakfast. I am pretty much guaranteed to find them in any country I am racing in and I like to train with what I would race on. Plus, you can make them as simple or fun as you want with berries, nuts and yogurt. On the bike, Kit’s Organic bars from Clif Bar are my favourite and Clif Shot gels for racing. After, I love a poached egg on salad – is that weird? – with good bread.”

– Catharine Pendrel


Brianne Theisen-Eaton, Crest Canada ambassador and Olympic Heptathlete


“Before, I eat breakfast food (eggs, bacon, toast, yogurt muesli). After, I eat lunch food (turkey sandwich, salad, bar).”

– Brianne Theisen-Eaton


Canadian diver and Venus brand ambassador in Canada, Jennifer Abel


“Usually after a workout, I eat baby food because it’s a good snack and also it’s very healthy. I like it.”

– Jennifer Abel (Photo by Vincent Graton)


Olympic diver and Venus brand ambassador in Canada, Roseline Filion


“After a workout, I love to have a smoothie with protein powder. I mix strawberries, mangoes and almond milk. So that’s what I do after a hard training – a weight training. Before, if it’s in the morning I’ll have breakfast, oatmeal, egg white omelet, with a coffee and right before I compete I’ll have a little bit of fruit to keep me energized. I love coffee in the morning and afternoon right before my second session so I can survive until my training! I develop my food routine a long time ago and I love to stick to it – not only because I just love eating what I’m eating right now, but to be stable, it can’t be different all the time. So I’m trying to look for stability. ”

Roseline Filion (Photo by Steph Polic)


Canadian Olympic hurdler Sarah Wells, who has a new clothing collection at Winners


“Before big workouts I always eat a peanut butter and banana sandwich. It’s digested easily and is my comfort food. Post-workout I need to make sure I get enough protein – 30 grams, a clean carb like sweet potato and lots of green veggies.”

– Sarah Wells