Cocoa puff

Craving chocolate but don’t want the calories? Skip le vending machine and get your guilt-free fix with Le Whif. Dreamed up by a Harvard prof, the tiny inhaler uses aerosol science to deliver a hit of chocolate-flavoured powder when you puff on it. And you may be able to breathe in a three-course meal sooner than you think: Plans to unveil more flavours are in the works, and star French chef Thierry Marx is working with the brand to develop a mint-sauce-inspired version to pair with his lamb entrées. We already inhale our food, so sign us up!

Product: Le whif ($18 for a set of six); available at At Up to You in Toronto, 416-778-6487,



Bond girls

Ever wonder why you feel better after a gossip session with your BFF? A new study by the University of Michigan discovered that female bonding increases progesterone production, which helps reduce stress and anxiety. Researchers studied 160 female college students and found that those who worked with a partner on an emotionally neutral task (like reading a scientific document) had lower levels of the hormone than those who played a co-operative card game, an activity designed to inspire closeness. Working out together is another great way to bond. The Look Good Feel Better  running series offers a chance to participate in three Ontario races while raising money to support women with cancer. For more information, visit

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adidasdanceEDIT.jpgDance fever

Warm up to the ’80s trend with workout wear that channels Fame. (For inspiration, watch the film remake, out later this month.) We think that Debbie Allen would approve of Stella McCartney’s latest collection for Adidas, which features lace tights and graphic tops. Each piece is made with lightweight fabric so you can move freely, whether you’re doing pirouettes or pilates.

Product: CU Dancer Tee and Dance Lace tights (Adidas by Stella McCartney, $90 and $60); available at Adidas Sport Performance stores across Canada





elementalherb.jpgSeasoned veteran

After a summer of central air, sun and smog, your skin needs a break from battling the elements. Cult brand Elemental Herbology was created to repair skin and rebalance it between seasons. The botanical-based face and body range — developed by a former Space NK staffer trained in traditional Chinese medicine — features star products like Cell Food, a hydrating serum that soothes congested skin, and an all-over tonic that stimulates circulation with cocoa extract and kola nut.

Product: Elemental Herbology Cell Food ($80 for 30 mL); available at select Holt Renfrew stores across Canada,

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