Can we take a second to talk about dandruff? For something that affects over half of us (yup, you read that right), it’s a hair concern that stays pretty hush-hush in the beauty world. But those little white flakes and that painful scalp aren’t as covert; the combo can really take a hit on your confidence. That’s where the new Kérastase Symbiose collection—a comprehensive line for dandruff-prone hair that combines efficacy with a luxurious sensorial experience—comes in.

It’s an innovative approach that gets the stamp of approval from top hairstylists, including Nicole Pidherny, a Toronto, Ontario-based pro who has first-hand experience treating clients with hair prone to dandruff at her Pomme Salon. We chatted with her about the taboos surrounding loose dandruff flakes, how to get beautiful hair (hint: it starts at the scalp) and what makes the Kérastase Symbiose collection so revolutionary.

What do you hear from your clients about their experiences with loose dandruff flakes?

“Loose dandruff flakes can be really uncomfortable and painful, and people are often embarrassed to talk about it. We’re really trying to change the narrative surrounding it. Just like we talk openly about the products that have become very normalized for our face and body, we want to create that same conversation for the scalp products in our hair-care routine. I want people to feel comfortable and confident knowing that they’re taking care of the skin on their head.”

Is it true that beautiful hair starts at the scalp?

“I always say that a healthy scalp equals healthy hair. Our scalp has the densest amount of blood vessels and follicles. If it lacks proper circulation and the follicle is weak, the hair bulb is not going to be able to produce healthy hair. Creating a healthy living environment results in more volume and shine and stronger strands so you’ll have less breakage. We’ve always looked at hair by thinking about how to fix it, but now we’re finally looking at how we can grow beautiful hair from the start.”

For what feels like a long time, efficacy in the the products for dandruff-prone hair on the market meant a lack of luxury. What does the Kérastase Symbiose collection offer that is new and exciting?

“One thing about this line that I’m very excited to see is that it’s not just a shampoo and a conditioner—it’s a full range. Plus, any product for dandruff-prone hair that I’ve seen before this has had unsightly packaging—either very medical or juvenile. Symbiose is very understated and gender-neutral, so it makes you want to use the products. You feel less like ‘This is an embarrassing medical problem that I have to fix’ and more like you’re creating a luxurious routine for yourself as a form of self-care.”

What have you seen the Kérastase Symbiose collection do for your clients’ hair?

“One of my clients has the classic sensitive scalp where she experiences a lot of discomfort and flakes on her scalp on a day to day basis. I gave her my first samples of the Symbiose collection and after the first shampoo, she immediately noticed a difference. A month later, both her loose dandruff flakes and the discomfort were gone and she had more shine and movement. Her strands felt so much stronger, and the swing was back in her hair.”

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