Kim Kardashian has proven her ability to stop the internet in the past, but perhaps nothing is quite as powerful as her power to dictate a trend.

And so, when the mom of four took to Instagram overnight debuting none other than a side fringe, we knew the controversial ’00s hairstyle was about to re-appear in a big way.

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Considering the renaissance of its fashionable counterparts in recent months – Von Dutch caps, low rise jeans, slogan tees, the list goes on – it’s not surprising that the side fringe has made its way back into the modern hair lexicon.

For those unfamiliar, a side-swept fringe was the go-to hairstyle of the 00s, and a favourite among celebs from the Olsen twins to Lauren Conrad, and just about everyone in between. Kim herself actually flaunted almost the exact same style back in 2005.

In recent decades, the hairstyle has taken a backseat to the middle part — in part thanks to TikTok, where (mainly Gen Z) users have deemed the side part and, by association, side fringe, dead.

But now, thanks to the trendsetters du jour, it looks like we could all be sporting side bangs in the not-too-distant future.

But before Kim K solidified the hairstyles’ return to the fashionable zeitgeist, it had already been growing traction with celebs like Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid, and Kylie Jenner having taken it on in recent months.

Dua Lipa’s take on the iconic style had a distinct French-girl spin to it, featuring whispy, eye-skimming strands that peeped out of a sleek up-do.


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The youngest Jenner sister’s side-fringe reimagining, on the other hand, was true to the indie sleaze origins of the hairstyle’s heyday, complete with choppy layers and punky makeup.

Instagram: @jesushair

And, proving there really is no limit to how this hairstyle can be interpreted, Bella Hadid offered an entirely new take on the side fringe. Late last year, the supermodel took to the streets of New York City with a sixties-inspired bob, complete with thick, side-swept bangs.

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So, love it or loathe it, it looks like the side fringe could be here to stay — at least for now.

This article originally appeared on ELLE Australia.

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