This time of year is always an opportunity to celebrate the things we appreciate and look forward to what’s ahead. Whether you’re getting ready to pop some champagne with your small family bubble at a socially distanced gathering, embracing the festive spirit with some outdoor fun or toasting friends around the world via video chat, there’s no reason you can’t add a little holiday chic to the occasion.

We’ll be embracing any excuse to get dolled up with our go-to accessories and glamour essentials, including L’Oréal Paris Elnett Extra Strong Hold Unscented (an unperfumed version of the classic). Arguably the most legendary product in the hairspray hall of fame, it also happens to be celebrating its own special occasion: It’s the Parisian-born spritz’s 60th anniversary. When it was invented in 1960, it was a beauty-industry game-changer; before Elnett, hairsprays had a notorious reputation for being sticky lacquers.

Unsurprisingly, Elnett quickly developed a fan following among hairdressers everywhere for its ability to achieve star-worthy structure, high shine and silky softness. Though it was originally made famous as the gold-standard hairspray for the red carpet and runway, it’s now just as popular for everyday styling because it’s ideal for adding the finishing touch no matter your hair type, texture or dream look. The magic lies in the micro-diffusion technology, which disperses a super-fine mist of lightweight micro-droplets that seemingly vanish with the stroke of a brush, so you can style and restyle as you wish.

The result? You get a strong yet natural all-day hold with a satiny finish that protects against frizz and zero hint of tackiness, crunchiness or stiffness. Plus, Elnett is so versatile and easy to use, it’s perfect for any look you fancy, whether you’re creating a sleek updo, bombshell waves or bouncy curls—or you just want to elevate your minimalist work-from-home hair. Consider it a little everyday luxury you can keep close at hand to create shining moments all year round.