Using his eponymous line, hairstylist Roger Medina showed the ELLE Canada editors how to use clip-in extensions to add length to short hair, volume to fine hair and a little bit of both to a layered cut. 



“Because Carli’s hair is so short in the back, I’m braiding the hair then using bobby pins to pin it for more security,” says Medina. “Staggering the colours of your extensions will add dimension to the look. Keep the solid colour on the bottom, and the custom colour on top. Think of it as laying bricks: light, then dark, then light. Spray dry shampoo on roots to add grip, then backcomb hair. Around the temple, part hair and clip-in extensions on a diagonal so it looks more natural.” 



Using the same braid/bun, backcombing and dry shampoo technique as above, “section off two-inch sections, clip in extensions and repeat,” says Medina. Have your hairstylist trim the extensions once they are in your hair for a more cohesive look that blends with your existing layers. 



Clip-in extensions can also be used to add volume and thickness to fine hair. For this, you don’t need to braid or bun first, says Medina.