Stylist and hair guru Jay Comendador, who works at the chic Howard Barr Studio in Toronto, shares his hair secrets for surviving the sun, heat and humidity.

Stylish, healthy and frizz-free tresses can be yours with these simple steps!

Use product When hair is still wet (not dripping), apply small amounts of gel consistently through the hair.

Comb hair “A defined curl is a group of hair that curls together smoothly; frizz is a result of individual hair that does its own thing,” says Comendador. To create definition, comb one-inch panels of hair with a wide-toothed comb. Comendador recommends using “The Bone Comb,” an orange wide-toothed comb that has perfect spacing between the teeth for curls ($20, available at Howard Barr Studio).

Twist curls “Most people with curly hair are wavy in the front and curlier in the back,” he says. To work with this, take two to 10 groupings of hair from the top of your head and wrap each around your finger in a direction away from your face. This will improve consistency greatly.

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Photo courtesy Marcio MadeiraTowel dry To remove the excess moisture from your hair (and product, which can weigh down your locks), use a towel. Just squeeze the water out gently and you’re good to go!

Diffuse hair Whatever you do, do NOT put your ends in the diffuser. That is a common hair myth that just doesn’t work. Leave the ends out so that by the time you’re finished with the top of your head, the ends will have dried all on their own. Remember: Diffuse on a low fan/high heat. For volume, diffuse leaning toward the chair with your head down.

Control moisture Humid weather is curly hair’s nemesis. Moisture in the air penetrates the hair shaft, making it expand. Comendador suggests using a weekly hair treatment throughout the summer to keep hair well-conditioned. Try: MoMo shampoo and conditioner from Davines. Available at Howard Barr Studio.

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Photo courtesy Marcio Madeira