“Opulence used to mean ‘special occasion,’” says Michael Kors, whose latest trio of fragrances, the Gold Collection, is an ode to everyday luxury. “That has totally changed—the rules are gone.”

A woman might wear white gold if she wakes up “feeling powerful,” says the designer, rose gold if she’s in a romantic mood or yellow gold when she feels like Naomi Campbell (that is, “completely glamorous”). She’ll pick her fragrances the same way: based on desire and not destination.

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“It used to be if you had a sexy, lush fragrance, you’d say ‘Oh, I’m wearing it on Friday night; I have a date,’” says Kors. “Now, why wouldn’t you want to be glamorous even if you’re going to the gym? We mix it up today. That’s what keeps it modern.”

From left: Michael Kors 24K Brilliant Gold, Rose Radiant Gold and White Luminous Gold eau de parfum sprays ($107 each for 100 mL).

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