Expert tips on how to look rested, refreshed and camera-ready.

Welcome to’s official TIFF journal! This festival, Laura deCarufel and Jennifer Lee, the co-editors of
Hardly magazine
, have the high honour of reporting from TIFF’s coolest events. Stay tuned for party coverage, beauty tips, and behind-the-scenes scoop!
Story by Laura deCarufel. When I’m tired, my eyes are the first thing to show it—I end up looking like an extra from
Pineapple Express. (Good movie, bad look. Who wants their eyes to match the red carpet?) In preparation for TIFF, Sarah Daniel Dolphin—ELLE’s acting beauty editor and one of my favourite people—sent me a bottle of Blue Collyrium eye drops, which are so amazingly effective at eliminating redness that I’ve permanently shelved my Visine. But TIFF has a way of catching up with you, superstar eye drops or not. This morning, I talked to Lori Taylor, the pro lead artist for
Smashbox Cosmetics, who shared her top beauty tips for camera-ready eyes. 1. "Start by being preventative. Use an eyeshadow base to even out your lid tone. The base will also ensure that any makeup you apply on top it will stay on longer." 2. "Smashbox’s Photo Op Under Eye Brightener  is my secret weapon to take hours and hours off of tired eyes. It’s a cream that has a little shimmer in it that reflects the light. It also contains red wine extract—it’s like a refreshing cocktail for the under eye area!"