While you colour

All of Garnier’s haircolour products are enriched with natural ingredients, such as jojoba and avocado oils. What better way to maintain natural colour than with natural ingredients? So you can count on these ingredients and special formulas to help protect your hair while you colour. The result is always soft, healthy hair that’s full of life.

After-colour care

Kim recommends using all of the conditioner in your haircolour kit. “It nourishes and fortifies your hair’s capillary fibres and eliminates excess colour.” Plus, it detangles and leaves hair super manageable. Shampoo and conditioner also play an important role in maintaining dazzling colour. Choose a mild shampoo that is specially formulated for coloured hair, and use it all the time. If it has too many detergents, hair colour suffers. Similarly, conditioners for coloured hair promise to leave it silky and manageable. Fructis Color Resist shampoo and conditioner have the necessary protectants for your coloured hair, in addition to UV filter technology that helps keep your hair more resistant to the effects of washing.

Your next colouring

Colour that is regularly maintained is also shinier and more beautiful. Kim suggests redoing your colour every four to six weeks. Following this general rule of thumb will help you avoid long regrowth, which can contribute to a lack of uniformity and inadequate grey coverage.

With all these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to maintaining radiant and beautifully natural coloured hair.

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Say goodbye to greys
Maintain your natural hair colour easily with these expert tips

Let’s face it, grey is a great shade to have as a staple in your closet, but when it comes to your hair, it’s everyone’s least favourite colour. When those pesky greys start creeping in, Kim, Garnier’s hair colour specialist, and her team of experts, know just what to do to help you find the best way to cover them and maintain beautifully natural colour.

Tip 1: How much grey?
Kim says figuring out the percentage of grey you have is the first important step. Some products are formulated to cover first greys, while others cover grey completely. Knowing where you’re at helps determine whichproduct is best. But no matter what your needs, Garnier has the product that’s just right for you.

Tip 2: The right shade.
Next, she says choosing the right colour and shade plays an important role too. “While all shades can cover grey, natural or golden shades offer excellent results. Be careful with copper reds or ash tones. These shades are more susceptible to being overly bright if there is a high percentage of grey.” In other words, these colours are best kept in your wardrobe, too.

Tip 3: Proper application.
Once you’ve chosen the right product and shade, application also plays an important role in excellentgrey coverage. Kim suggests you always begin applying product in areas where grey hair is predominant,like at the temple or around the contours of the face. This allows the product to work longer on greys. You can also extend the suggested wait time by ten minutes. Finally, be sure to use up the entire product you prepared. Missing product means missing coverage.

To maintain beautiful colour with no grey in sight, Kim suggests re-doing it every four to six weeks. But what about in between colourings when grey roots start to show? Don’t panic – cover them easily and quickly with Garnier’s new Root Touch-up Kit. Plus, regularly maintained colour ensures shinier and more beautiful hair. And that’s something that definitely goes with everyone’s wardrobe.

So visit www.garnier.ca/kim or call 1-888-GARNIER to get your personalized consultation and say goodbye to those pesky greys for good!