Nestled in a 19th-century building in the ultra chic neighbourhood of Palermo, Buenos Aires lies
Fueguia, a quaint Laboratorio de Perfumes. Dimly lit and filled with misting beakers, it creates the impression not of walking into a science lab, but into someone’s home. I was at Fueguia with my sartorially advanced cousin (a BA native and multi-Miu Miu-pump owner), who hoped to select her
perfect scent. It’s the place to do it—dedicated to featuring local ingredients, the perfumery boasts dozens of perfectly concocted scents and candles. Still, the true luxury is the bespoke perfumery option, for which a
dedicated perfumer helps you create a custom blend from over 1,500 different notes. The end result—a unique and individual fragrance—is packaged in a wooden box (crafted by carpentry students from fallen trees from the Patagonia forest), artfully fused from local Argentine ingredients. If, like me, you’re intimidated by the large selection of notes, head to Fueguia for the sole purpose of snatching up a Caramel Candle. You can indulge in the country’s quintessential sweet, dulce de leche—without the guilt!