Metallics are absolutely
huge as a trend in makeup – we’ve been seeing such beautiful shades and products for eyes of late – but nail polish was either a glitter overload with no depth or a streakfest of sad-face proportions. Luckily, the beauty geniuses at Essie have figured out how to create a highly reflective, disco ball level of shine combined with deeply pigmented, foil-like shades. With science this far ahead, I think time travel can’t be far off. If you can’t hack a neon nail for summer– or even a bright orange or coral, for that matter — I understand. Some girls need to keep it neutral. (Though
this one might make you reconsider.) Might I suggest taking a dip in the shimmering metallic pool with a shade from Essie’s new Mirror Metallics collection? Blue Rapsody (2nd from left) is a fresh take on a girly pastel shade – and looks great on all skin tones. My pick of the bunch is Penny Talk (far right) – a coppery, rich and warm rose gold that has sexy summer nights written all over it.